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How to order

Prices start at £80 for a 40x40cm canvas


You can send me photos to

You can send me a facebook message from Big Furry Cat Pet Paintings | Facebook

You can send me a message on WhatsApp with photos 07747 440018

Top Photo tips

  • I need to see your pet's eyes!

  • Take the photo on the same level as them, so they aren't looking up or down but straight at the camera.

  • I can use a full profile or side profile shot, depending on your preference.

  • Take the photo in good light, daylight is ideal but if not, put the lights on!

  • If you want two or more pets on one canvas, they have to be interacting in the photos or it will look disjointed and weird!  If you want ALL your pets painted they look far more effective on separate canvases and then you can display them how you like.  I do give discounts for multiple pets. 

Below are some examples of appropriate photos

Blue and Ernie purple photo.jpg
Jimmy photo.jpg
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