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I'm Anna, the artist behind Big Furry Cat Pet Portraits.

I live in Worthing, West Sussex, with my two cats, who are my muses and inspiration, even when they don't want to be...  You will no doubt see photos of them on the website or on my facebook page : 

I adore animals and understand them way more than I will ever understand human beings!  I also love colour.  I have been painting animals since around 2018, it started with big cats and spiraled from there.  I have now been fortunate enough to paint hundreds of dogs and cats, as well as a few more obscure 'pets' such a sheep, horses and even a couple of children!  I have a theory that if I can get the eyes right, the rest will follow.  

I paint on canvas with a mixture of mediums.  The usual size is 40x40cm but I can go far bigger like this bad boy (his name is Howard) who was on a 100x100cm canvas.  

This website includes some examples of my work but I have many many more so feel free to drop me an email to see some others.

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