Big Furry Cat Pet Portaits

Butty big.jpg

I paint pictures of your pets in many different colour combinations.  Some examples of previous commissions are shown below.

Most paintings are done on a 40x40cm canvas but other sizes are available.  Prices start at £70.

Once I have painted the canvas, you can buy prints for an additional £10 each.  Greeting cards might also be available, please watch this space...

I paint the picture directly from a photo so I need a good clear photo of your fur baby  If in doubt, please send me a photo and I will be able to tell you if it will work.

Click on the pictures below to see more details.

Mac canvas on white
Mac photo
Blue and Ernie purples
Blue and Ernie purple photo
Blue and Ernie multi coloured
Blue and Ernie multi coloured original p
Meg canvas
Meg photo
Jimmy canvas
Jimmy photo
Butty canvas on white
Butty photo